T.C.I. enterprise network is aimed to integrate different competences, relationships and specifi cknow-how within one unique subject in order to maximize management efficiency and quality over the entire project.

T.C.I. enterprise network is sponsored by ANCE TRENTO, the cluster of Construction Company of the County of Trento and member of ANCE ITALIA.

Core business
Realization and management of:
tertiary sector buildings (heath centers, shopping malls, business units, conference centers, etc.)
public buildings (schools, government offi ces, hospitals, etc.)
residential structures (social housing, private structures, etc.)
infrastructures (drinkable or industrial water supply system, bridges, access roads, etc.)
water management (sewage systems, hydroelectric, irrigation systems, etc.)
T.C.I. also supplies project integrated design and planning in partnership with experts in every field involved in the afore mentioned fields.

Legal Subject
Enterprise network for abroad.
T.C.I. is the acronym of Trentino Construction International.
It is a network gathering various expertise over the entire building and infrastructure construction process.
The promoting partners committed themselves to follow and respect sustainability values and energy efficiency performances.